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What is your personality like?

I think everyone who's ever met me has said two things about me: that I'm fun and I'm real. I'm guaranteed to make you laugh! Although I have a penchant for the finer things in life, I'm also an incredibly down to earth person who you can talk to about ANYTHING. Debate doesn't make me annoyed, turned off, or frustrated. I'd like to think I'm your dream girl next door, but you'll have to decide that for yourself.

What are you attracted to?

Kindness, generosity, and respect. Seriously. I genuinely think everyone is beautiful in their own way, and true beauty comes from within. A wrinkle here and a roll there are nothing if you speak and act with kindness and consideration. My biggest kink is consent.

How can I be sure my info is safe?

That's simple. I value my reputation. If anything, I feel I'm more trustworthy with sensitive information, because I myself don't show my face (that may just be biased though ;)). Any information you tell me is kept in the utmost confidence and is simply for my safety. Trust me with your darkest desires. That's kinda my job ;)

Do you see people of color, young people, old people, women, disabled people, religious people, etc.?

YES! I do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, ability, creed (religion), or class. EVER. All that I care is that the people who fill out my screening application are kind and respectful. I know I ask for age and race in my screening application. The point of this is so that I can identify you when we finally meet.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept cash, cards, and cryptocurrency. Card payments can be processed through Venmo or CashApp (up to $5000). I do not accept PayPal or Zelle. The cryptocurrencies I accept are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDC. You'll notice I also ask for gift cards to cover deposit payments. Because Amazon is very suspicious about a high volume of gift cards being claimed by one person,  I prefer to accept gift cards from a myriad of other retailers to cover deposit payments. The complete list of retailers' gift cards I accept can be found here.

Do you tour? When can I see you in my city?

Yes! I ONLY tour. Believe it or not, I've been touring since I started this job, and have found it more pleasurable and more fun, as I love new experiences, things, and places. The best way to increase my chances of coming to your city to tour are to screen with me! If you can't wait, however, we can always do a FMTY!

May I use you as a reference?

Sure! Please note, however, that after I've given you three references, it is customary to send me a tip or other token of appreciation as a thank you. If it's been more than a year since I've seen you, though, I don't feel comfortable giving a reference for you.

May I take photos/videos/etc during our date?

Absolutely not. Photography, videography, audio recordings, etc. are not allowed during our appointment under any circumstance. If I find you doing it, it's grounds for appointment termination and a good way to get yourself of the blacklist. Yeah, I know I'm on OnlyFans. It still doesn't make it okay.

Are your photos really you?

Yes! In some of my photos you'll notice I have longer hair and in others I have shorter hair. I did cut my hair a couple of years ago, but still do love those photos of me. My most current look is best represented on my Twitter and Instagram. I am trying to grow my hair out, though, because I love long hair on me! As my hair gets longer and longer, I'll phase out photos of me with shorter hair.

What's your nationality/ethnicity/heritage?

I was born and raised in America, but my family is a mix of Eastern and Western European descents. I am caucasian.

I see you went to an Ivy League college. Where? What did you study?

For privacy reasons, I do not disclose my hometown, where I'm based, where I studied, or what. My hope is that I can seduce you with my quick wit and intelligence on a myriad of topics. I value my safety. Do not try to find my civilian presence online. It's grounds for blacklisting. I value my privacy and yours. Please value mine.

What do you smell like?

I have a fine collection of designer perfumes I switch between depending on my mood on any given day. One of my favorites from my collection is Gucci Guilty. I also drench my skin in a secret elixir lotion that keeps my skin petal soft. With adequate notice I can always come to our appointment scent free.

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