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I do have some small tattoos, which I often conceal. My navel and ears are also pierced. I have not had any surgical enhancements.

Talking to strangers can be hard, so let's not be strangers anymore. I'm Lily and I'm so glad you found me.

Other than turning strangers into life long connections, my biggest passion in life is leaving this world a better place than I came into it. I like to think I do so with my own little flair: champagne in hand and a devilish smile on my face. As a true hedonist, I crave unbridled inhibitions and laughter beneath the moonlight 'til the sun comes up. I know your watch was expensive but surely you're going to lose track of time with me by your side.

If you enjoy donning yourself in custom suits, being whisked away by uniformed drivers, and popping bottles of Dom Perignon before you settle into your penthouse for the night, you need to perfect accessory to prove that, at the top, you really do get it all. And while Cartiers shine and Rolexes glisten, I had something, or should I say someone, a little more multi-dimensional in mind: Me!


With skin as soft as rose petals and a touch as delicate as butterfly wings, it's no wonder my name is creating a buzz. While my descent is a mix of eastern and western European provinces, I've been told I look like a Spanish or Italian beauty: striking big eyes, alabaster olive skin, full pout, delicate nose, sculpted body, and legs for days. My smile is my most complimented feature, but my stunning hazel eyes will surely captivate you. My hair grazes my mid-back and is growing back to it's Rapunzel status quite quickly.


I split my childhood between a bustling New England town and lowkey southern Florida for most of my life. It's safe to say both have influenced my nature. A few adjectives that describe me are flirty and feminine but sophisticated and chic. Quite simply: The Girl Next Door. I'm also a fashion victim and you won't catch me without my favorite handbag and pair of heels.

I’m not your typical all-American girl. In a sea of the mundane, allow me to offer you mastered intrigue through thought provoking conversation in accent-free American English decorated with Ivy-League vocabulary and a good understanding of German and French. I epitomize seduction through my quick wit and coveted allure.

Time is the most precious commodity in the world. Why let any of it waste? Now that we're not strangers anymore I can't wait to see a thoughtful email from you in my inbox!

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